When we type any character(all alphabates,sighns,integers are treated as character) through keyboard,it generates electrical signals send to cpu is called data.
This electrical signals are processed and displayed on monitor or come to us in a meaningful manner by any output device is called information.

If we press 2 + 3 on our keyboard or keypad then 2,+,3 individually does not make any sense this are called data but when computer shows us 2+3=5 then this has a meaning to us then it is called information.

If we press any key of our keyboard.

  • it generates some electrical signals with the combination of voltage 0.5volt and 3volts.
    Each 0.5volt current is represented by 0 and Each 3volt current is represented by 1

← Voltage Generates inside Computer
← We represent each voltage with 0 and 1

ASCII CODE of  is 

The number system that developed with 1 and 0 is called binary number system.So each character has equivalent binary number. We can convert this binary number to equivalent decimal number sytem (A number in decimal number system can be made by any combination of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) which we use in regular life.

"American National Standards Institute" a Comittee asigned a decimal number for each charachter that can be used in computer. This asigned numbers are called ASCII(American Standard Code for Information Interchange).
ASCII for printable character
0 NUL (null)
1SOH (start of heading)
2STX (start of line)
3ETX (end of text)
4EOT (end of transmission)
5ENQ (enquiry)
6ACK (acknowledge)
7BEL (bell)
8BS (backspace)
9TAB (horizontal tab)
10NL (line feed, new line)
11VT (vertical tab)
12FF (new page)
13CR (carriage return)
14SO (shift out)
15SI (shift in)
16DLE (data link escape)
17DC1 (device control 1)
18DC2 (device control 2)
19DC3 (device control 3)
20DC4 (Device control 4)
21NAK (Negative acknowledge.)
22SYN (Synchronous idle)
23ETB (End of trans. block)
24CAN (Cancel)
25EM (End of medium)
26SUB (Substitute)
27ESC (Escape)
28FS (File separator)
29GS (Group Separator)
30RS (Record Separator)
31US (Unit Separator)
ASCII for printable character
ASCII for printable character
ASCII for printable character

We have to convert those decimal numbers into equivalent binary number. Equivalent bainery number of 97 is 1100001
We write like (97)10=(1100001)2

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